How to Share Amazon List: Sharing Made Easy

how to share amazon list

Are you tired of the hassle of manually sharing your Amazon List with friends and family? Sharing your Amazon Wish List can be a seamless process with just a few simple steps.

By following a straightforward guide, you can easily navigate through the Amazon app and customize your sharing preferences effortlessly. Discover how to streamline the sharing process and achieve a more convenient way of connecting with your loved ones through your favorite items.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating Amazon Wish Lists is easy and can be done by clicking on Your Lists and tapping Create List.
  • Managing your Amazon Wish List involves updating item details, deleting unwanted items, and adjusting privacy settings effectively.
  • Adding and removing items from your Wish List can be done by using the 'Add to List' button and selecting 'Delete' next to unwanted items.
  • Sharing your Wish List with friends and family is convenient through options like sharing via link, email, or text, and customizing viewing preferences.

How to Create and Share Your Amazon Wish List

To create a new wish list on Amazon, click on Your Lists, then tap Create List. Add items by browsing and selecting the desired products. Share your wish list easily with friends and family by tapping Invite, choosing the sharing options, and sending the list via link, email, or text.

Create a New Wish List

Creating a new Amazon wish list is a straightforward process through the Amazon app.

To begin, tap on the hamburger menu, then select Lists followed by Your Lists. From there, tap on the option to create a new list. You can add items you desire and organize them conveniently. Once your list is ready, you can easily share it with friends and family. Simply select the list you want to share, tap the Invite button, and choose whether you want them to view only or view and edit.

Share the list via link, email, or text to include your loved ones in your wishlist. Now you can create and share your Amazon wish list effortlessly, ensuring your friends and family know exactly what you're wishing for.

Add Items to Your Wish List

Adding items to your Amazon Wish List is a seamless process through the Amazon app. To make the most of this feature, follow these steps:

  • Locate the item you want to add.
  • Use the "Add to List" button next to the item.
  • Select the desired list or create a new one.

Share Your Wish List with Friends and Family

When sharing your Amazon Wish List with friends and family, navigate to Your Lists in the Amazon app to begin the process effortlessly. Select the list you want to share, tap the Invite button, and choose whether you want them to view only or view and edit the list.

You can then share the list via a link, email, or text to include your friend or family member in your shopping experience. Making and sharing an Amazon Wish List is a great way to let your loved ones know what you're interested in, making gift-giving easier for them.

So, next time you're browsing on Amazon, don't forget to create and share your list with friends and family for a more enjoyable shopping experience together.

Managing Your Amazon Wish List

When managing your Amazon Wish List, you can easily change item details, delete unwanted items, and adjust privacy settings to control who can view your list. Updating details, removing items, and modifying privacy preferences are straightforward tasks that can be done through simple steps on the Amazon app. By managing your list effectively, you can ensure it reflects your current wishes and preferences accurately.

Changing Item Details on Your List

To update item details on your Amazon Wish List, access the list you wish to modify and tap on the specific item you want to change. Here's how you can effortlessly manage your list:

  • View Item Details
  • Tap on the item to view its details like price, quantity, and description.
  • Edit any information such as priority level, notes, or size.

Deleting Items from Your Wish List

If you need to declutter your Amazon Wish List, simply locate the item you wish to remove and follow these steps to delete it efficiently.

Start by accessing your Wish List on Amazon, then find the item you want to remove. Next to the item, you will see a menu with options - select "Delete" to remove the item from your list. Confirm the deletion, and the item will be removed from your Wish List. This process helps keep your list organized and filled with items you truly desire.

By deleting unwanted items, you can ensure that your Wish List accurately reflects your preferences and makes it easier to share the list with others who may want to buy gifts for you.

Adjusting Privacy Settings for Your Wish List

After managing your Amazon Wish List by deleting unwanted items, the next step involves adjusting the privacy settings to control who can view your list.

Adjusting Privacy Settings:

  • Manage List: Tap the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Privacy Options: Select Manage List, tap the gray drop-down menu under Privacy, and choose Shared, Public, or Private.

Sharing Options and Settings

When managing your Amazon wish list, it's crucial to understand access control options, check who can view and interact with your list, and explore sharing features for easy gift giving. By setting the right sharing options and settings, you can ensure that your list is visible to the right people and that they can interact with it according to your preferences.

Take advantage of the features available to make your Amazon wish list sharing experience smooth and convenient.

Understanding Access Control for Your List

To manage who can access your Amazon Wish List, navigate to Your Lists in the Amazon app and adjust the sharing options and settings accordingly.

1. Sharing Options:

  • Choose View only or View and Edit.
  • Share the list via link, email, or text.

2. Privacy Settings:

  • Select Manage List.
  • Tap the gray drop-down menu under Privacy.

Checking Who Can View and Interact with Your List

To ensure that your Amazon Wish List is accessible only to the individuals you choose, it's crucial to review and adjust the sharing options and settings available within Your Lists on the Amazon app. When you tap on Your Lists and select the desired list, you can manage who can view and interact with it.

By tapping the three dots in the top-right corner, selecting Manage List, and adjusting the Privacy settings, you can control whether your list is shared publicly, privately, or with specific individuals. This allows you to tailor the visibility and access permissions of your list according to your preferences. Checking and modifying these settings regularly ensures that your Amazon Wish List remains shared only with those you intend to have access to it.

Exploring Sharing Features for Easy Gift Giving

For effortless gift-giving, explore the sharing features on Amazon Wish Lists to streamline the process.

1. Sharing Options:

  • Easily customize who can view or edit your list.
  • Share lists via link, email, or text for convenient sharing.

2. Settings for Gift Giving:

  • Adjust privacy settings to keep your gift ideas secure.
  • Enable public sharing for wider gifting opportunities.

Delve into Amazon's list management tools to optimize your gift-giving experience. By utilizing the sharing features, you can effortlessly spread joy and make gift-giving a seamless and enjoyable process.

Share your curated lists with friends and family, ensuring that everyone can participate in the excitement of giving and receiving. Explore these features to enhance your Amazon list experience and make gift-giving a breeze.


In conclusion, sharing your Amazon Wish List is as easy as pie. Just a few taps on your device and you can effortlessly share your favorite items with friends and family. It's like sharing a piece of cake at a party - quick, convenient, and sure to bring joy to everyone involved.

So why wait? Start sharing your Amazon List today and make gift-giving a breeze!

Written by
Mitch P.

Mitch has 3 years of experience working with different Amazon brands for PPC and Inventory management. She regularly contributes to the PPC Farm blog because she enjoys sharing her insights and real-world experience to help others navigate the ins and outs of Amazon PPC.

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