How We Launched a Product from Zero to Over $3,200 in Monthly Profit in Less Than 60 Days

A Quick Summary

By implementing our strategic PPC farming process, we successfully revitalized a struggling product for a newly acquired brand.

Despite fierce competition in the cutting board market on Amazon, our approach led to a remarkable turnaround, with the flagship product generating over $3,200 in monthly profit within a mere 60 days.

The success of this product not only boosted revenue but also inspired the creation of additional product variations.

The Stats

Earth's Dreams started working with PPC Farm at the end of December 2023.

By February 2024 that we were trucking right along with a 40% absolute increase in the conversion rate and nearly triple gross profit since December 2023.

The Product

Cutting boards!

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these cutting boards boast superior craftsmanship and innovative design features that elevate them above the competition.

Made from high-quality materials and engineered for durability, they offer long-lasting performance and resilience to everyday wear and tear. 

The Problem/Goals

The current owner bought a struggling Amazon brand to see if he could breathe new life into it. After being out of stock for well over 6 months once he finally got inventory to FBA he wanted to go hard with PPC to see which products would be winners and which would be losers.

Essentially, we had to re-launch the cutting boards from scratch.

The Solution

In order to figure out which products would take off we utilized our proprietary farming strategy to kickstart sales.

Step 1: Exhaustive Deep Dive into Keyword Research

We leave no stone unturned.

Our keyword research process involves hours of work identifying the “seed” keywords that we put into our broad match campaigns.

Step 2: Capturing Converting Terms

Rather than guessing what terms will be successful, we identify proven winning terms by taking the terms that convert from our farming campaigns and moving those into exact match campaigns. 

Step 3: Optimizing Bids in Exact Campaigns

Once we’ve moved those terms into exact campaigns we’re able to get to the most optimal bid for each and every term.

The Results

Witnessing a substantial increase in total traffic, the cutting boards experienced a surge in visibility and consumer interest.

Impressions in November '23
Impressions by February '24

Total Revenue

The resurgence of the cutting boards culminated in a notable uptick in total revenue.

in Sales in November '23
in Sales by February '24

This exponential growth trajectory underscored the brand's newfound competitiveness and market relevance, positioning it as a formidable player in the industry.

Total Gross Profit

In tandem with the surge in revenue, the brand witnessed a remarkable increase in total gross profit, reflecting enhanced operational efficiency and profitability.

Escalating from
in Gross Profit in November '23
in Gross Profit by February '24

Our PPC farming strategy proved instrumental in driving sustainable business growth and financial success.

Overall Conversion Rate

The optimization of PPC campaigns resulted in a notable improvement in the overall conversion rate, indicating enhanced consumer engagement and purchase intent.

Achieving a
absolute increase in conversion rate by February '24

This underscored the effectiveness of our targeted advertising efforts in driving qualified traffic and maximizing sales conversions.

“PPC Farm is extremely friendly, helpful and efficient in driving the business. I’ve been so impressed with the weekly updates and detailed statistics. There’s a human behind the algorithm.”


Earth's Dreams