Triple-Digit Growth in Just 50 Days for a Hair Care Brand

A Quick Summary

This hair care brand experienced remarkable growth across all key performance indicators in just 50 days.

Our targeted approach led to triple-digit percentage increases in units sold and revenue resulting in substantial gross profit growth.

The Stats

A whopping 114% increase in gross profit means this client took home an extra $14k in just 50 days. Pretty amazing!

Even in just the first 30 days, we were already seeing a huge uptick.

The Products

This client sells chemical-free hair straightening products designed to give you that blowout look at feel right at home.

The Problem/Goals

The client was previously paying an Upwork freelancer to run his Amazon advertising.

However, he quickly realized that this person was only making updates about once every week and simply couldn’t keep up with the attention that the account needed. 

He reached out to PPC Farm to get things done right. 

The Solution

A deep dive into the keyword research revealed a lot of holes in the strategy of the previous PPC Manager.

There were a ton a of untapped customer search terms that the client was not previously targeting that we were able to identify. 

Since keyword research is the foundation for all good PPC things took off from there. We let our farming (keyword discovery) campaigns go to down finding new, highly relevant, search terms for this client and then adjusting the bids precisely without proprietary software. 

The Results

In just 51 days, this brand underwent a remarkable transformation. By strategically increasing advertising spend, we were able to dramatically boost visibility and attract a significantly larger customer base.

The 166% increase in units sold demonstrates not only increased awareness but also strong product appeal and effective keyword research.

“Working with Carly has truly transformed our Amazon sales. Her expertise and dedication in managing our PPC campaigns have not only boosted our sales but also significantly improved our overall visibility on the platform.”


Prohall Cosmetic