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Free Amazon PPC Audit

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We'll Give You $100 If We Can't Uncover $1,000 in Missed Opportunities.

No, we're not crazy – we're simply that confident in finding your money leaks & hidden gains!
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Free Amazon PPC Audit

Are you running campaigns on Amazon but unsure if your ads are fully optimized?
Perhaps you're certain things aren't as efficient as they could be, yet you're at a loss for what steps to take next.
We have fantastic news: we offer a free manual PPC checkup of your account, and we're so confident in our expertise that we'll give you $100 if we fail to identify $1,000 in missed opportunities.

When Should You Decide

on Amazon PPC Checkup

  • You have created and set up an Amazon account*.
  • You’ve been already running some campaigns for a while now.
  • You can’t see any improvement in results despite ongoing optimization or increasing advertising budgets.
  • You would like to optimize the cost of your ads.
  • Your ads don’t drive valuable traffic.
  • You would like to check if your current strategy is executed in the right way.
  • You notice some improvement in results, but you want to know if there still is anything else you could do to boost your growth.
    *Your account needs to have been running for a minimum of 3 months so we can have enough data to analyse.

What do we check?

1.    Account Structure
2.    Keyword Performance
3.    Negative Keywords
4.    Bid Management
5.    Ad Spend

How it Works?

as easy as 123

Step One

You will give us the access to your Amazon account (it's easy, we'll show you how).

Step Two

We will manually review your account to uncover missed opportunities and stop any money leaks.

Step Three

We'll meet on a video call to discuss our findings and plan how to boost your Amazon PPC performance.

Benefits of an Amazon PPC Checkup

One of our friendly and experienced consultants will take a close look at your account and come back to you after about 2 working days.
Here’s what you’ll get from our Amazon PPC checkup:
  • We'll pinpoint any inefficiencies holding back your sales.
  • We'll uncover where your ad spend might be leaking, guiding you on where to channel your budget more effectively.
  • Plus, we'll spotlight growth opportunities you might not have noticed yet.

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I highly recommend PPC Farm to anyone looking to enhance their Amazon advertising strategy."


What is a PPC Checkup?

An Amazon PPC Checkup, often referred to as an audit, is our meticulous process of combing through your PPC account to identify both issues and windows of opportunity.

We prefer the term 'checkup' because it embodies our proactive and health-oriented approach - much like a routine medical checkup aims to keep you in top shape, our PPC Checkup is designed to ensure your campaigns are performing optimally.

It's not just about finding what's wrong; it's about reinforcing what's right and unlocking potential for growth and improved efficiency.

Why is an Amazon PPC Checkup Important?

Staying ahead in the competitive Amazon marketplace means ensuring your PPC campaigns are not just running, but running at their best.

An Amazon PPC Checkup is crucial because it:

Identifies inefficiencies: By spotting and correcting areas where you can reduce waste, we ensure every dollar of your ad spend is working hard for you.

Detects untapped potential: There may be profitable keywords or strategies you haven’t yet exploited. We find these opportunities for you.

Provides peace of mind: Knowing experts have scrutinized and optimized your campaigns lets you focus on other aspects of your business, confident that your PPC is in good hands.

Essentially, a checkup is preventive maintenance for your Amazon PPC campaigns, saving you from future headaches and helping you to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

I need this done ASAP! How long will it take?

Your Amazon PPC Checkup results will be ready in just about 2 working days.

Unlike instant PPC graders, our checkup is conducted manually by experts who delve deep into your campaigns.

This hands-on approach ensures a level of detail and personalization that automated systems simply can't match.

How Will I Receive the Results of My PPC Checkup?

After we've completed your Amazon PPC Checkup, one of our experts will arrange a video call to present the data to you.

We're flexible and will work to find a time that fits seamlessly into your schedule, ensuring you get a comprehensive walkthrough of our findings and recommendations.

Are you joking about giving me $100 if you can't find $1,000 in missed opportunities?

Not at all!
We're dead serious and supremely confident.

We know the ins and outs of Amazon PPC like the back of our hand, so much so that we're willing to put money on the table.

Even if you're already with an agency, we bet we can uncover those hidden gaps or leaks where your campaigns can be fine-tuned for better returns.

What Should I Do to Get This Free PPC Checkup?

Just give us your email, and we'll be in touch very soon with all the details on how to get started.

We'll lay out every step clearly in our email, ensuring you know exactly what to expect from our free PPC checkup process.
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