How to Use PPC for a Killer Amazon Product Launch (With Bonus Product Launch Checklist!)

Amazon PPC Product Launch Strategy

The launch of a product can be crucial to a product’s long-term success on Amazon.

This article is going to explain exactly how we utilize PPC to successfully launch products.

Last year we launched 2 products right around the same time. On one product we used our PPC farming process to give the product a boost at the time of launch.

On the other product, we didn’t.

Here’s the product where we didn’t use any PPC to launch.

And here’s one that we did.

As you can see, by investing some money upfront into PPC advertising we were able to jump-start the growth of the product over time.

Plus at the end we’ve included a bonus product launch checklist so you can make sure your listing is up to snuff before spending tons of cash on ad campaigns.

Let’s do it!

Step 1: In-Depth Broad Keyword Research

We’ve got an article all about doing basic keyword research and what that means on Amazon that you can also check out.

Here, we’re going to be talking specifically about how we do keyword research for a brand-new product.

For new products, you’re basically entering no man’s land.  

You’re flying blind on what kind of keywords will actually convert for your product so your first step is going to be doing a super deep dive into the ecosystem surrounding the product.

What do I mean by “ecosystem”?

You’ll want to make sure you understand things like…

  • What are all the possible names people use for this product?
  • What are all of the possible uses for this product?
  • Are there any unusual applications for your product that you can find?

All of this helps you to identify potential seed keywords for your farming campaigns.

We’ve also got a list of free keyword research tools you can take a look at.

Once you’ve done that you might end up with a list of keywords that looks something like this. This example is for a wall calendar.

Now you’re ready to create some farming campaigns. Yeehaw!

Step 2: Creating Farming Campaigns

Because you have no idea which of the keywords you identified is actually going to be profitable, the next step is to get a bunch of data on customer search terms.

The way to do that is be creating what we call “farming campaigns”.

Essentially, you’re going to take all of the keywords you’ve identified and put them into broad research campaigns.

The idea is that these will produce tons of useful information on the search terms that will likely be profitable for this product not only now but in the future.

See? You’re setting yourself up for long-term success. You’re awesome.

Step 3: Harvesting Farming Campaigns

Once you’ve let those broad campaigns run for a few weeks (depending on your budget) then you’ll be able to see which search terms actually converted from the keywords you’ve identified.

So you might have something like this…

*This data is from the Sponsored Products Search Terms report you can download from Amazon.

Now it’s time to harvest those profitable search terms.

See the ones with sales highlighted in yellow? Yeah, those are the ones you want.

Grab those and toss them into exact campaigns.

Ok cool, so how exactly does this help with a product launch?

We’ve talked about this before but our philosophy is that PPC can help to act as the spark to kickstart the organic growth of a product on Amazon.

It’s what we like to call the PPC flywheel.

So, you can wait for your product to start getting sales and reviews organically but that takes a long time. Instead, you can throw a little cash into PPC advertising to speed up that whole process.

Alright, as we promised here is the bonus product launch checklist…

Amazon Product Launch Checklist

Amazon Product Launch Checklist Infographic

Your Listing Images

Amazon has some specific image guidelines that you need to follow but besides these, there are some other best practices to keep in mind.

Make Sure Your Product Is Front and Center

  • Don’t clutter your images with too much other stuff. Make sure it’s really clear what you’re selling.
  • That goes for your main image of course, but also pay attention to this in your secondary images.

Let Your Images Tell the Story

  • Your customer should clearly understand the features and benefits that your product provides. Make sure you’re answering questions like…
  • What problem does this product solve?
  • How does someone use this product?
  • What kind of situation would someone use this product in?
  • Are there any customer objections I can address?

Consider Adding an Infographic or a Sizing Image

  • This can really help illustrate product benefits as well as reduce confusion about exactly what you’re selling.

Your Listing Copy

Include Your Target Keywords in Your Listing Copy

  • Remember all of those keywords you found? Try and work those into your bullet points and product description as much (and as naturally) as possible.

Don’t Use Target Keywords More Than Once in Your Listings

  • You’re basically taking up valuable real estate if you do.

Titles should not exceed 200 characters

  • This can vary depending on your product category so check what’s relevant for you.

Don’t Use Promotional Phrases

  • Amazon doesn’t allow words like “free” or “discount” in the listing copy.

Make Sure You Comply With Amazon’s Selling Policies and Code of Conduct

  • You don’t want to risk having your listing suppressed or worse, having your seller account suspended.

Other Stuff

Make Sure You Have Stock

  • This might sound dumb but make sure you got enough stock to cover your projected sales (and that it’s in the right place).

Consider Vine Voice

  • Once your listing is live, consider trying to enroll your product into the Vine Voice Amazon reviews program.

Consider Using A/B Testing

  • Try out different images, titles and bullet points to see what customers respond to best.

How about you? What product launch strategies do you use for your new products?

Did anything in this article spark your curiosity or bring up a question? Comment below or email us at We love talking about PPC!

Written by
Carly M.

Carly is an eCommerce expert and founder of PPC Farm, an agency that specializes in elevating Amazon sellers through strategic PPC management. With over 11 years in the industry, her and her team have successfully managed thousands of ASINs, boosting visibility, sales, and performance for their clients.

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