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"Having tried working with other agencies, what truly set PPC Farm apart was their tailored strategy approach.

They took the time to understand our unique needs and developed a plan that was perfectly suited to our goals."


Six Acres

"Each dollar now is much more effective, we’re seeing the fulfillment of the goals that we wanted to achieve.

It’s not just more money in your pocket, it’s less stress on you.

You know that PPC is something that you don’t have to worry about anymore."


H20 Taps

"The team's commitment to delivering results while maintaining transparency is commendable.

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We’ve Successfully Grown 8-Figure Brands

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So, Why Hire a PPC Agency?

Let’s face it — managing PPC without expertise is like trying to find treasure without a map, crew, and boat!

This is where PPC Farm comes in.

With over a decade of research and experience, we’ve developed a proven process that consistently drives success. 
Our team of seasoned experts has collectively managed millions in ad spend, each with thousands of hours of hands-on experience.
We utilize a variety of advanced technologies, AI, and automations to optimize your campaigns for maximum profitability. 

Stop overpaying for underperformance.

With PPC Farm, you’re guaranteed efficient, effective PPC management tailored specifically to your business and goals. Let us help you navigate the complexities of PPC and achieve outstanding results.

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Effective PPC Is Key to Growing Your Amazon Business

It's the difference between brands that get lost in the shuffle and those that dominate the market.

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Manage PPC Yourself

Not only does this save you the headache of having to try to understand the vast and complicated world of PPC but it frees up your time!
You can use that time to...
Get a better deal with your vendor
Develop a new product
Improve your listing images and copy
Or even just take a vacation!
With PPC Farm, You Don't Need To...

Hire a Freelancer or VA

There are tons of people on Upwork and Fiverr claiming to be PPC Experts and even though they might be cheap you get what you pay for. 
You'd still have to...
Tell them what to do
Waste time hiring and training them
Put up with mistakes by non-experts
Gamble results
With PPC Farm, You Don't Need To...

Pay for Software

Just getting an expensive software is not enough to manage your PPC effectively. You still need someone to fly the plane.

That means you'll still need to invest lots of your time learning about PPC, learning how to use the software and then actually managing things day to day. 

PPC Farm Replaces:
Absolutely Zero Cost, Cancel Anytime

PPC Farm Is Everything You Need to Succeed on Amazon

We'll make sure your customers find you!

Best Bidding AI

AI-driven bidding for more profit, not just more sales.

PPC Experts

Managed by dedicated Amazon PPC experts, not salespeople.

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World-Class CS

Immediate, expert one-on-one PPC guidance.

Transparent Pricing

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Daily Term Reviews

We review every keyword daily to maximize sales.

Weekly Updates

Weekly video updates from your personal PPC Expert.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Expert + Software

The best of both worlds, for the cost of one.

Focused Strategies

Custom PPC strategies designed for your business and goals.

Ethical Bidding

Every bid justified to achieve your target ACoS.

No Contract Minimums

No long-term contracts; stay because you want to.

Any Size, Any Niche

Effective for all sellers, regardless of size or niche.

Customized Software

Highly flexible software tailored to your needs.

Proprietary Keyword Research

Captures all relevant terms, including competitors' misses.
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41 Additional Parameters to assess the overall health of your account.

We typically find over $12,000 in annual waste for every single client that we audit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got more?

Talk to a PPC Expert
How does the free trial work?
Experience the power of PPC Farm completely risk-free for the first 60 days. That’s right - no cost, no commitment, just a full immersion into all the incredible benefits our Amazon PPC services have to offer. 

During this trial period, you’ll discover how PPC Farm can supercharge your Amazon advertising, helping you achieve exceptional results without spending a dime. If you find we’re not the perfect fit for your needs, then you can walk away at any time - no questions asked, no strings attached. 

Our top priority is client satisfaction and retention. We believe in building lasting relationships with happy clients, and we’re confident that our service will exceed your expectations. Give us a try and see the PPC Farm difference for yourself!  
What if I want to cancel after the first 60 days?
We strive to make everything transparent and beneficial for both parties right from the start. However, we understand that circumstances can change.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

We don't believe in locking you into a commitment because we trust that our process will deliver real results. We're confident that you'll want to stay with us for the long term because of the value we provide.
How can you guys afford to offer this?
We understand that some people might take advantage of this opportunity, but we believe that prioritizing customer happiness leads to greater success in the long run.

If you're genuinely not satisfied, we'd rather part on good terms than force you to stay. We know that unhappy clients can lead to negative reviews, which are harmful to business. We prefer to maintain positive relationships and a stellar reputation.

In fact, we wonder how other agencies can afford not to offer a free trial. Our commitment to your satisfaction is what sets us apart and helps us build lasting, successful partnerships.
When will I see results?
You can generally expect to see results within 30-90 days.

We want to set realistic expectations – creating profitable campaigns takes time. We need to understand your company and products, and our algorithm needs time to learn and optimize.

Every business and brand is unique, but typically, our clients start seeing significant results within 30-90 days. While it might not happen overnight, we are very confident in our process and its ability to deliver tangible results.

With our 60-day free trial, there's a good chance you'll start seeing profits during the trial period itself. Plus, the amount you pay after the trial is directly linked to our performance. This means we have a strong motivation to deliver the greatest results as quickly as possible, ensuring you get maximum value and success from our services.
Is this really a good fit for the size of my business?
Absolutely! We cater to clients of all sizes, from emerging startups to established enterprises.

Our process is effective for businesses of any scale, whether you're making $10,000, $10,000,000, or more annually. No matter where you are in your journey, our team is here to help you achieve exceptional PPC results.. Our advanced system leverages automation, cutting-edge software, and AI to manage thousands of ASINs daily, enabling you to launch as many products as you need.

We're dedicated to helping your business grow and maximize profits, no matter its size. With our expertise and innovative technology, you'll have the support necessary to succeed at any stage.
My last agency treated me like garbage, how are you guys any different?
That’s a fair question and we understand your frustration. Many agencies make grand promises to win your business, but then fail to deliver on them. At our company, we prioritize exceptional customer service from day one.

What sets us apart?
Prompt Communication: We respond to your emails within 48 hours, ensuring you’re never left waiting.
Weekly Reports: Receive detailed, actionable reports every week, customized to give you meaningful insights.
Complete Transparency: You’ll have full visibility into your account and campaign performance at all times.
Direct Access: Work directly with the expert managing your campaign strategy, not a salesperson, so you get informed answers and proactive support.
How do I know I’m not just another number to you?
We believe in developing a true partnership because no one knows your products and customers like you do.

For example, if you sell skincare products, then you know that winter boosts your moisturizer sales due to dry skin. We collaborate with you to adjust campaigns, ensuring you apply the right spend at the right time in the right places.

We tailor our PPC strategies to maximize profits and minimize ad waste by deeply understanding your products, customers, and goals.

We don’t copy and paste campaigns and expect them to work for every brand or every product.

Each of your products is unique, even if they are variations of the same item. Each size or type might be at a different stage in its product life cycle, requiring a distinct approach for ranking, maintenance, and more.

Our dedicated team provides ongoing support and insights, adapting strategies as your market evolves.

There are countless eager Amazon customers waiting to discover your products and give you their money. We’re here to help you reach them.
Actually, I’ve been using a software. It’s cheap and seems to be going okay... Do I even need an agency?
Many people believe they're getting a good deal with their current software but often overlook hidden costs.

Take Bobby, for example:

But when we look closer, the numbers tell a different story. Bobby didn’t consider the value of his time. As a business owner, his time is incredibly valuable.

Spending at least two hours per week managing his campaigns with the software adds up quickly.

So, it’s not really just $500 per month.

While Bobby is a fictional character, his situation illustrates a common issue: managing PPC yourself isn’t always the cheaper alternative, even with affordable software.

And that’s not even considering the opportunity cost. Every hour you spend managing PPC is an hour you could use to:
Develop a new product
Create a training manual
Find a new supplier
Launch a social media campaign
Negotiate better financing terms
So, do you still think managing PPC yourself is the best use of your time?

Let us handle it, freeing you up to focus on what you do best while we optimize your campaigns and boost your revenue.
Who is actually going to be handling my campaigns every day?
Let me guess…

You might have heard horror stories about other agencies swapping clients from one incompetent account manager to another without warning.

Or the account manager never taking the time to understand the seller’s business, resulting in underperforming campaigns.

Or worse, the account managers are actually just salespeople who know little about PPC, leaving you without any opportunity to speak with the person actually working on your campaigns.
Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think.

At PPC Farm, each of our account managers is a PPC expert, not a salesperson. They are specifically trained in Amazon PPC management.

We confidently call them "experts" because we’ve trained them extensively to manage our own campaigns and continuously test their performance. We wouldn’t trust anyone with client accounts that we wouldn't trust with our own products.

You'll be working directly with the person executing the strategy on your campaigns because we believe that a direct relationship is crucial for success.

Let Me Get This Straight...

You’ve practically mastered Amazon PPC.
You’re offering your expertise for just a bit more than typical software costs, saving me countless hours.
I get to experience your services free for a full 60 days.
And if I’m not blown away, I can cancel anytime?

This sounds too good to be true.
Are you serious?

Yes, we absolutely are. 

We combine cutting-edge technology with expert human touch to deliver exceptional results. Our track record speaks for itself - many happy clients have seen significant growth and increased revenue. 

Imagine eliminating the frustration of managing PPC yourself and finally achieving the results you’ve been aiming for. Don’t just take our word for it; book a call with a PPC expert today and see the transformation for yourself!

Absolutely Zero Cost, Cancel Anytime